This small Trust has an annual income of c£10,000 per year, which it distributes as grants, between £250 and £1,000 to organisations based in the continent of Africa and its islands, including St Helena.

The trust gives grants to organisations that apply directly from Africa, though consideration is given to links with UK organisations or individuals that can vouch for the quality of the work and for the reliability of the organisation to spend the funding as requested (it is helpful for a UK-based partner to act as a reference for them though no costs will be given to them for this).  In the main, the Trust aims to support Christian organisations to undertake initiatives within their communities that enhance the education or economic well-being of those communities, especially the most vulnerable, poor or excluded.

Summary of what we support (essential funding criteria):

  • African Organisations submitting their proposals directly (UK references can help but none of their costs will be covered).
  • Practical solutions for the welfare of Africans including the economic and educational advancement of poor and vulnerable communities
  • Proposals from Christian and/or organisations that adhere to Christian principles. If your Christian credentials are not clear, please provide a reference from your local church leader.
  • Where a small grant (see above) would make the difference to an activity going ahead or not. The average grant is between £750-£1,000.
  • Trustees expect a report on how the money has been spent, twelve months after the grant is agreed.

Registered Charity Number 207102